A billboard for Arizona tourism depicts a sunbathing woman whose flipflops have fallen out of the picture to crush a snow-covered car.


Stay tuned for a new experimental podcast, zHEIGHTgeist, a casual but earnest exploration of what the hell’s going on with the emergence of macro/microphilia in popular culture.

The most recent example is, of course, Paramount Pictures’ Downsizing movie, starring Matt Damon and Kirsten Wiig. But once you’re looking for it, you see size fantasy everywhere, from Lee’s jeans commercials to music videos. What does it mean? Is it a new concept that taps into the collective libido, or is an underground movement finally struggling its way to the surface?

Maybe we’ll find out, or maybe we’ll just observe and comment on the phenomenon. We’ll talk to creators within the scene and people who study paraphilia, and we’ll check the reactions of outsiders and see what they think about it.

Curious? Let’s hope this pans out.

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